Unlimited AdventuRe


op_cover_011 op16

I don’t know what u’ll react if u read this post, coz I don’t know… write this post maybe like unintentionally seen outside from my real world,

But seriously,,,  I just wanna say that I love This Comics very Much 😀

It’s just a fiction books, which can make me laugh, cry, or keep silent (for a moment). A Japanese Shonen Manga with a japanese crew written by Eichiro Oda.

One Piece makes me know there are bunch of idiots try to chase  a big dream without a fear. Although everyone laugh about it. Just keep goin then God will show the way. Each member of Gang shows the strong character. Every single person has it’s own function.  Monkey D Luffy(Captain), Zoro(Mr.Bushido), Nami(Navigator), Sanji(Cheff),Usopp(Soge King), Chopper(Doctor), Robin(Archeologyst), Franky(craftman), Brook(Musician). They learn how to protect each other exceed themselves. Hmm,, That’s sound familiar, isn’t it,,  like “ukhuwah” 😛

Other people may think that One Piece is a silly book, but I think sometimes silly is good (hoho) without being nuts. Sometimes silly thing can stimulate an imagination. Yeah,, sometimes 😀

There are friendship, commitment, and joke 😀 with blasting unlimited adventure.

u should read this book 😛

thank u for reading this post (with kaccau grammar haha,,, ayo blajar bahasa english hoho)


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